Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Brenda M. Tillman for your next seminar, workshop, or conference!

Poet, Author, Freelance Writer, and Motivational Speaker with a Spirit-filled Perspective captivates audiences through her inspirational speeches and poetic expressions. Brenda expounds positive and inspiring poetry, which uplifts and encourages a wide range of audiences.

To arrange a speaking engagement or purchase her book, Shades of Mandingo, you may contact Brenda or call 404-556-7534.

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Brenda M. Tillman - Author of Shades Of Mandingo - Book Testimonials


Shades of Mandingo is a fascinating work in its promotion of positive images of African-American males. With sensitivity and thoughtfulness, Tillman manipulates poetic language beautifully. I found especially appealing “Everything I Need,” “Men on the Yard” and “At Last, This Is Love.” A must-read for men, especially African-American men, who may not realize the degree to which they are appreciated. Earle D. Clowney, Ph.D.

The complex self of the African-American male, like a multi-layered robe, is pealed off, layer by layer, to display his humanity as son, father, grandfather, friend, lover, husband, teacher, and sensitive being. Come and explore this discovery with Tillman. You won’t regret it.
Charles W. Washington, Ph.D.

Brenda M. Tillman has produced an incredible collection of inspirational poems carefully crafted to uplift the spirits and souls of black folk. Her words remind us of those of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois articulated nearly a century earlier.
Kwaku Danso, Ph.D.

“What does it mean to be a man? Surprisingly, no one knows better than Brenda Tillman. The shortest path to becoming somebody is to know whom to follow. When it comes to manhood, Shades of Mandingo points the way.”
Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D.
Author “What Makes the Great Great”

To arrange a speaking engagement or purchase her book, Shades of Mandingo, you may contact Brenda at: or call 404-556-7534.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Brenda M. Tillman


A native of Hartford, Connecticut, Brenda, who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, uses the vibrancy and vitality of the metropolitan city as the melting pot to present her talents. Her employment background includes various positions in state government, business and higher education. Personally, she is an advocate for the arts, peace, global equality, human development, and cultural diversity. She is eloquent, eclectic, and innovative.

She has hobbies that encompass the areas of performing and visual arts, written- and spoken- word, and cultural and international diversity. Through her volunteer efforts, she has been the editor of several newsletters and magazines. She has been writing poetry since her preteen years. She has interviewed several jazz musicians and has been a contributing writer for former Atlanta magazine, Strictly Jazz. Those interviewed include pianist David Beniot, violinist Regina Carter, the late Art Porter, saxophonist, and vocalist Dianne Reeves. She has also written book reviews for Black Issues Book Review Magazine and contributed scriptural-based messages in religious booklets.

She is a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and a former member of the Junior League of Hartford.

Brenda hopes that her writings will impel others to explore their talents, the universe, and themselves to reach their highest possible achievements. She states, “The world advances when we all contribute.”

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